Some simple Wb rules:

Ball possession.

Ball possession time for each player is 3 seconds, with respect to Waterpolo in waterbasketball every contact between players is forbidden when the opponent player is holding the ball above the water !

Action of play time.

Playing time is 24 seconds per action of play !


In Wb offside line is placed at 4 meters, it is denoted by yellow marks placed on both borders of the swimming pool. 4 meters line also limits the 3 points throw area !

What is Waterbasketball ?

What is Waterbasketball ?

Waterbasketball is a sport that mixes waterpolo techniques to basketball rules, creating a dynamic sport which is very addictive! Wb is a sport approved by the Italian Basketball Federation and its Regulation is lodged with the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee).

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Do you want to play ?

Do you want to play ?

1. Create your team of 5 players (men/women)

2. then put the baskets in the water

3. and get the ball

Play !

Wb Championships and tournaments.

Wb Championships and tournaments.

In Italy waterbasketball championship has been organized by Waterbasket Firenze team since 2009 with the participation of many teams from the North to the South of Italy. Abroad wb championships are played in the Netherlands , in Hungary , in Slovenia and Tasmania.

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